“A generational historic struggle to regain our water”

The Gila River Indian Community is ensuring that its members have long-term access to their own resources while helping solve broader water supply problems in the region.

Arizona wildfires help researchers study the evolution of clouds

Wildfire season in the western United States is brings opportunities to learn how smoke and dust affects rainfall on the East coast.

Monsoon season is not expected to bring much relief to the drought-stricken Southwest this year

Amid a worsening drought across the southwestern United States, residents are hoping for rain from the upcoming monsoon season. But there may not be much luck this year.

What new Permian research means for U.S. methane policy

Newly released research is shedding more light on the largest sources of methane emissions in the nation’s largest oilfield.

The drought continues, and research shows the time between storms is growing

Arizona is facing water shortages with a decades long drought showing no signs of letting up. And if you thought monsoon storms are becoming less frequent, University of Arizona research backs that up too.

A Threatened Toad’s Hallucinogenic Secretions Are in High Demand

The latest trendy shortcut to spiritual awakening is fueled by one creature’s psychedelic stress sweats.

One forest fire killed off 10 percent of the world’s Giant Sequoias

 At least a tenth of the world’s mature giant sequoia trees were destroyed by a single California wildfire that tore through the southern Sierra Nevada last year.

UA, Diné College Receive $500K USDA Grant To Train Navajo Water Scientists

The University of Arizona and the Navajo Nation’s Diné College were awarded a $500,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for training and research on water scarcity and challenges on the reservation. 

Small Number of Permian Oil and Gas Sites Are Releasing Large Amounts of Methane

A relatively tiny number of Permian oil and gas sites are responsible for a wildly disproportionate amount of methane pollution, a new study from Methane Source Finder found.

Hoover Dam, a symbol of the modern West, faces an epic water shortage

The effects of drought and climate change are seen at Hoover Dam, which will soon hold the smallest amount of water since it was filled in the 1930s.

More than 200 firefighters battle massive Phoenix blaze, the largest response in department history

Fire crews were still putting out embers and hot spots Sunday of a massive blaze at a recycling yard that authorities say drew the largest response in the Phoenix Fire Department’s history.