Living Green

Make living green your choice! Check out our guides to green living and create a more sustainable lifestyle one day at a time. 

Two women pulling weeds in a garden together on a cool fall day


Almost everything you use can be reduced, reused or recycled. Learn how you can make your disposal habits more sustainable with on-campus compost, local donation centers, reduction of single-use products and more.

Two wicker baskets filled with fresh fruits


Food is essential to life, but what you eat is a major contributor to your carbon footprint. Use these tips to find the most sustainable food choices for you.

A girl riding a bicycle around the University of Arizona


Do your part. Evaluate your everyday activities and find where you can incorporate more sustainable practices.

Warehouse shelves stocked with previously used items for sale


Sustainability starts with you — and your purchases. See how you can consider the environment next time you shop for clothing, household items, crafts or electronics.

A University of Arizona Cat Tran pulling up to a stop


Before you get trapped in your routine, look here to see your transportation options. Changing your transportation habits can make for a healthier lifestyle and a healthier planet.