Find Your Environment Major Exploration Advising

Find Your Environment Major Exploration Advising

Find Your Environment Major Exploration Advising

Are you interested in a major that will prepare you for a career in an environmental field but don’t know where to begin?

You are invited to join our inaugural Find Your Environment cohort of students who are undeclared or undecided. This advising program is an opportunity for you to learn about the many environment-focused opportunities on campus and gain an understanding of your unique skills, interests, and values. Our mission is to help you grow a greater understanding of UArizona campus resources, current topics in environment and resilience, and yourself so that you feel empowered to select a major and prepare for a career in service of our planet.

The Find Your Environment major exploration program offers major exploration advising through the A Center and additional resilience-oriented opportunities in partnership with AIR. Even as an undeclared or undecided student, you will have access to academic advising to keep you on track with course planning, graduation requirements, and academic policies. You will also have ample opportunity to discuss your interests with your academic advisor, who can guide you through self-discovery exercises as well as environment-focused major and career options. Additional programming exclusive to the Find Your Environment major exploration programming includes special events to get to know your peers and campus resources and a major exploration course centered around environmental majors.

Our Find Your Environment Major Exploration Advisor

Ursula Basinger outside

Ursula Basinger is our Find Your Environment major exploration advisor. She holds a BS and MS in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from the University of Arizona. Ursula began working in ecology research at UA as an undergraduate and continued for a decade after graduation, focusing on plant population dynamics and climate change response at the Tumamoc Hill Desert Laboratory. Her interest in mentorship in the lab led her to transition to academic advising. In her current role with the A Center and Arizona Institute for Resilience (AIR), she helps students explore environment-focused education and career pathways. Outside of the office, Ursula enjoys doting over her cat Bucket, making pottery, and exploring nearby riparian oases.

"I believe every student has a place in the UArizona community. As a major exploration advisor, I find joy helping students discover an academic path that feels right for them.”

-Ursula Basinger, Find Your Environment Major Exploration Advisor

Find YOUR Environment at the University of Arizona with our 1-credit course!

Designed for first year and exploratory students with interest in environment, sustainability, and resilience, this course introduces campus resources, programs, and opportunities. Students will articulate their values, strengths, and academic interests in the context of available careers and plans of study.

Learn more about the Find Your Environment course

Contact Our Advisor

Are you interested environment-focused major exploration advising?

You can email Ursula at to connect and strategize your environmental educational path.

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You can also follow this link to view her availability and book an appointment on Trellis, or contact The A Center front desk for scheduling assistance.

Email The A Center:
Phone: (520) 621-7763.

More Resources

Interested in the environment but not ready to reach out? Check out our other Find Your Environment resources, including our Majors Portal, the Growing Green newsletter, and our engagement opportunities board. Additionally, explore The A Center's Major Exploration tool.