Bikes parked and locked to racks on the University of Arizona campus


Before you get trapped in your routine, look here to see your transportation options. Changing your transportation habits can make for a healthier lifestyle and a healthier planet.


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One of the largest sources of carbon emissions in the U.S. is from transportation, namely, automobiles. Going car-less may not be possible for you, but there are ways to use your car more sustainably.

  • If you're choosing a new car, find one that has a higher mile-per-gallon rate.

  • Keep air in your tires and keep up to date with regularly scheduled maintenance like oil changes. This makes your car more energy efficient and safer to drive.

  • Be conscious of how often you drive, especially when you may not need to.

  • Choose an alternate form of transportation one day a week.

  • Carpool with friends whenever possible. 

  • Take an Arizona Shuttle to major cities like Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Prescott rather than driving your own vehicle.

  • If you’re traveling consider taking a bus or train, Amtrak, Flix, and Greyhound are all options that pick-up and drop-off in Tucson

Tucson has made great strides to improve and create new modes of public transportation. While these forms of transportation do emit carbon, they do so at much lower per-person rates than private automobiles. If you’re looking to use more sustainable transportation, these options are a good improvement from private cars. As a UA student, you have access to a 50% discount on semester and annual U-passes for all City of Tucson public transportation, including the Sun Link Streetcar and the public bus system.

"Alexa, play Biking by Frank Ocean"

Whether it’s your feet, a bike, a scooter, skateboard, longboard, shortboard, redboard, blueboard or a piggy-back ride, people-powered transportation is the most sustainable way to get around, in terms of emissions. When buying, using, and getting rid of these items, follow some of the helpful tips in the Shopping and Disposal sections of this guide and check out OfferUp where you can find used bikes and boards (or really, anything) in your area! 

Considering that Tucson is a Gold-rated community according to the League of American Bicyclists, it offers multiple beneficial resources for bicyclists.

Use the free bike valet service on campus to quickly get your bike locked up in a safe area during the school day.