University of Arizona researchers look to ‘X-Ray’ the Andes Mountains

The University of Arizona is working to see underneath the Andes Mountains. Its research could help people in South America be more prepared for earthquakes and teach us something about the mountain ranges that surround the Western United States.

Monsoon 2021 could bring more above-average temps but also more rainfall

Reduced snowpack across the West could promote faster warming to our north which is what we want to happen to get our monsoon pattern together.

U.S. Southwest, Already Parched, Sees ‘Virtual Water’ Drain Abroad

As the Colorado River Basin enters yet another year of drought, global companies are worsening the water crisis.

Unprecedented outbreak of side blooms on saguaros in Arizona

Cactus experts are tracking an unprecedented outbreak of “side blooms” on saguaros across Southern Arizona this year.

UA economics prof: Climate change will bring big upheaval to society, markets

A University of Arizona economics professor said taxing carbon emissions would help solve the significant challenges that climate change poses to U.S. and world economies.

group standing by wash in Arizona

The Realities of Adaptation in the Water Sector

The third episode of the Water Solutions for Our Warmer World series featured a diverse array of panelists who offered their perspectives on how adaptations are unfolding in the water sector.

Most fireworks prohibited in Silver City

Due to the exceptional drought conditions that exist in Silver City — and most of Grant County — town councilors voted Tuesday night to ban the sale or use of display fireworks within town limits.

Sustainable Design Expert: The Building You're Sitting in Is the Elephant in the Room

Jonathan Bean in the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture says buildings are the No. 1 pathway to achieving the Biden administration's new carbon emissions goals. He's training the next generation of architects to make climate-positive buildings the new normal.

UArizona Geologists to 'X-ray' the Andes

A network of seismic stations poised to record images from deep underground will help scientists understand the mechanisms driving the formation of mountain ranges in unprecedented detail.  

Forests and Climate Change – “We Can’t Plant Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis”

Some climate activists advocate large-scale tree-planting campaigns in forests around the world to suck up heat-trapping carbon dioxide and help rein in climate change.

Heat and smog hit low-income communities and people of color hardest, scientists say

As the world warms due to climate change, two studies released this week show that heat exposure and related health issues are already having an inordinate impact on people of color and low-income communities.