Homeowners Associations – An Overlooked Water Sustainability Opportunity in the Desert

June 12, 2023

WRRC Seminar Series | June 1, 2023

Photo by Hans Huth

Photo by Hans Huth

Earlier this month, the Water Resources Research Center hosted University of Arizona alumnus Hans Huth, who is the Agua Dulce Home Owners Associate Water Harvesting Chair and Volunteer.

Since 2015, the Agua Dulce HOA has supported common-area water conservation and green stormwater infrastructure, saving 4.6M gallons of water and $19K in the process.

During the event, Huth provided a plethora of insights regarding water collection, erosion mitigation, and effective water preservation techniques for communities. He outlined strategies to curtail water consumption to benefit local flora and shared valuable resources for individuals interested in participating in watershed conservation initiatives.

Among his noteworthy suggestions were highlighting the cost-effectiveness of the drip irrigation system, ensuring transparency when implementing changes and new projects, meticulously documenting progress and transformations over time, fostering close collaboration with landscaping professionals, and effectively communicating achievements and advancements to stakeholders.

He also stressed the significance of volunteerism, emphasizing the pivotal role it plays in numerous community-driven initiatives and campaigns. He ardently advocated that "conservation need not be a costly endeavor," as finding economically viable methods to manage irrigation systems can substantially enhance the quality of life for residents and wildlife alike.

To learn more about getting involved or to connect with Huth, you can reach out to him via email at aguadulcehans@gmail.com or refer to the comprehensive resources shared during the webinar, which can be accessed in this Google Doc.

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