Saving the West’s most iconic cactus from climate change

A warming world means an invasive grass is threatening the famous saguaro

Attempts to protect Arizona's groundwater and rivers meet legislative resistance

The Arizona Legislature has taken up a range of water-related measures this year, but some bills that would strengthen the state’s water rules to protect declining groundwater and desert streams have run into opposition and have failed to move forward.

University of Arizona gathers data on COVID-19 pandemic effect on tomatoes

A clear consumer retail preference for vine-ripened tomatoes after the March 2020 COVID lockdown is one finding of a study by the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics at the University of Arizona.

Four Steps to Manage Restaurant Waste

Waste management is one of the challenges affecting the restaurant industry.  Research from the University of Arizona shows that fast-food restaurants waste 9.55 percent, while full-service restaurants waste 11.3 percent on average.

Dramatic Decline in Western Butterfly Populations Linked to Fall Warming

A new report suggests increasing fall temperatures may be a significant driver of declining butterfly populations in the western United States.

University of Arizona geologist digs her way to the top

Dr. Isabel Barton said her passion for geology might as well be genetic.

In Rapidly Warming Colorado River Basin, The Negotiating Table Is Being Set

Anyone who has hosted a good dinner party knows that the guest list, table setting and topic of conversation play a big role in determining whether the night is a hit or the guests leave angry and unsatisfied.

Indige FEWSS Sixth World SNF train

For the Diné Community, By the Diné Community

A partnership between IndigeFEWSS and Sixth-World Solutions (SWS) has received a $100,000 grant from the Arizona Institutes for Resilience (AIR) entitled “Indigenous resilience: Co-designing and deploying off-grid household solar nanofiltration water systems for remote Navajo communities.

Texas snow and blackouts are a preview for all of us

A newsmaker interview with former US Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona plus the “once in a generation” storm impacting Texas and much of the nation. We talk with University of Arizona Climate Scientist Dr. Zack Guido.

Could rainwater harvesting and urban agriculture be the solution to Tucson's food deserts?

A new study from University of Arizona researchers highlights the potential to utilize public land and rainwater harvesting to minimize food insecurity in Tucson.

How Trump’s Attempt at a Wall on U.S.-Mexico Border Damaged the Environment & Local Wildlife

Now that President Joe Biden has stopped the construction of Trump’s wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, media outlets and environmental organizations are finally getting a clearer view of the destruction that has been done to the borderlands.

Hispanic Households Most Impacted by COVID-19 Job Disruptions, Food Insecurity in Arizona

According to survey data, 59% of Hispanic households in Arizona reported job disruptions in the first four months of the pandemic, compared to 22% of non-Hispanic white households.