Why a new jaguar sighting near the Arizona-Mexico border gives experts hope

The exclusive finding suggests the jaguar's range may be expanding—and a new study verifies the U.S. has plentiful habitat to reclaim if the cats can reach it.

Wildfire experts prepare for active burn season as drought continues

Almost unprecedented drought conditions could bring the threat of fire to all four corners of Arizona, wildfire experts said.

Letter: An open letter from youth activists of the University of Arizona Chapter of Defenders of Wildlife

We are in the midst of a global pandemic caused by the loss of global biodiversity. An estimated 70% of emerging diseases are zoonotic, meaning that they are a product of increased interactions between humans and wildlife, a direct impact of biodiversity loss.

$4 million landslide stabilization project ongoing on State Route 87

Work continues to stabilize the slopes on Slate Creek Hill south of Payson, where a large landslide took out the highway many years ago and continues to threaten State Route 87.

Tucson's water supply can survive 'worst case' CAP cuts, city official says

Even though Tucson gets most of its water from the Colorado River, its top water official says the city can withstand the deepest cut it’s likely to get from that supply in the foreseeable future.

How microbes in permafrost could trigger a massive carbon bomb

Genomics studies are helping to reveal how bacteria and archaea influence one of Earth’s largest carbon stores as it begins to thaw.

Unregulated groundwater threatens Arizona’s viability

Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the country, with enviable economic expansion and population growth.

Threats to Wildlife Persist Even as US Halts Border Wall Construction

On the day President Joe Biden took office, he put a pause on border wall construction, a centerpiece of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

Between anger and sadness: How the climate crisis has become a mental health crisis

What Phoenix Heberling remembers most about the tornado is the screaming. She was 2, living in a trailer park in rural Indiana, and her father and some friends were having a party when he got a phone call.

Critical fire weather hits Arizona

High temperatures.

Bone dry fuels.

High winds.

Yep. Critical fire weather.

And it’s just barely March.

What our wastewater can tell us

Our sewage contains important biomarkers that can tell researchers about a community's diet, drug intake, and even the presence of COVID-19.