UArizona Receives $1.3M Federal Grant to Study Synthetic Chemicals Posing Risk to Regional Aquifer

University of Arizona researchers will track emerging contaminants in soil surrounding groundwater resources.

As climate warms, a rearrangement of world’s plant life looms

Scientists are seeing the beginnings of a sudden, disruptive rearrangement of the world’s flora.

Scientists disagree on climate change pushing trogon's decline

This year’s sharp decline of elegant trogons in the face of record drought “is just another piece of the overall jigsaw puzzle that is alarming or should be alarming, regarding climate change,” as Southern Arizona naturalist and trogon researcher Rick Taylor sees it.

Will fire change Arizona's desert ecosystem forever? Researcher studies regrowth after Bighorn Fire

A University of Arizona researcher is studying how fire affects the Sonoran Desert to help our rural/urban interface communities from increasing fire dangers in the future.

OPINION: Cities must plan for heat resilience now

Shocking heatwaves in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and Canada show preparation for climate-driven extreme heat needs work - fast

Mega-dairies, disappearing wells, and Arizona’s deepening water crisis

When wells run dry in the Willcox basin those who can afford to just dig deeper – leaving homes high and dry as the aquifer is drained.

County prepares for potential monsoon floods worsened by wildfire scar

We’re less than a month into the monsoon, and the Tucson area has already received more rain than the entire 2020 monsoon season. While the cooler days and rainstorms are a welcome sight for many, the heavy downpours have also caused flash flooding throughout the state.

High school playgrounds turning green thanks to Glasgow University

A PROJECT inspired by an American university to plant the seeds of climate awareness and action through gardening is branching out across Glasgow high schools.

How Rainbows Could Boost Your Roof’s Solar Power

It’s a way to make solar panels even more efficient, and all it takes is a little hologram.

Million-year study shows warming will make Indian monsoons more extreme, says geoscientist Kaustubh Thirumalai

Climate models have predicted that global warming will make monsoons in India wetter and more unpredictable.