One forest fire killed off 10 percent of the world’s Giant Sequoias

 At least a tenth of the world’s mature giant sequoia trees were destroyed by a single California wildfire that tore through the southern Sierra Nevada last year.

UA, Diné College Receive $500K USDA Grant To Train Navajo Water Scientists

The University of Arizona and the Navajo Nation’s Diné College were awarded a $500,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for training and research on water scarcity and challenges on the reservation. 

Small Number of Permian Oil and Gas Sites Are Releasing Large Amounts of Methane

A relatively tiny number of Permian oil and gas sites are responsible for a wildly disproportionate amount of methane pollution, a new study from Methane Source Finder found.

Cleaning up methane pollution from Permian super emitters is ‘low hanging fruit’ for the climate, study finds

Experts shine a spotlight on the worst offenders in the Permian basin. The technological fixes are obvious, they say, but state regulators are so far unwilling to act.

The Basin Between Texas and New Mexico Leaks Heaps of Methane, NASA Finds

The study says fixing 123 methane leaks in Texas could reduce U.S.' methane emissions by 5.5%.

Hoover Dam, a symbol of the modern West, faces an epic water shortage

The effects of drought and climate change are seen at Hoover Dam, which will soon hold the smallest amount of water since it was filled in the 1930s.

More than 200 firefighters battle massive Phoenix blaze, the largest response in department history

Fire crews were still putting out embers and hot spots Sunday of a massive blaze at a recycling yard that authorities say drew the largest response in the Phoenix Fire Department’s history.

Leaks account for half of major methane sources at largest US oilfield — study

Malfunctioning equipment accounts for about half of the biggest sources of potent greenhouse gas methane emissions at the United States' largest oilfield, a study led by NASA showed on Wednesday.

One year later, researchers chart damage, recovery from Bighorn Fire`

It began with a lightning strike on a parched mountainside above Oro Valley one year ago Saturday.

Fire Killed 1 In 10 Of Earth’s Most Fire-Resilient Monarch Sequoias In 2020

Scientists have known last year’s Castle Fire was probably the most destructive for California’s famously fire-resilient sequoias in at least 700 years, but a draft National Park Service report obtained by the Visalia Times-Delta puts a quantitative measurement on that fire’s climate-fueled toll. Between 7,500 and 10,000 monarch sequoias — about 10% to 14% of the world’s mature sequoia population — perished in the fire.

Climate change causing young adults to question having kids

Bethany Wilcox has always wanted to have kids.

“Seeing my parents and how much satisfaction and fulfillment they seemed to have from raising my sister and me, I always wanted that," Wilcox said. "I always thought that was an amazing thing.”