Energy & Renewable Energy Systems

Arizona’s citizens are well positioned to receive energy from solar and wind, but challenged with increasing water scarcity. The University of Arizona is well positioned to pioneer alternative energy, energy/water (energy/food) technologies and systems, and new approaches to energy policy.  This will help provide resilient, low-cost, low-carbon energy solutions.

UArizona provides cutting-edge research opportunities, cross-campus collaborations, and innovative partnerships that promote fresh ideas, technologies and effective solutions concerning energy systems. We promote the integration of renewable energy into the local and regional power grid through the Power Forecasting Group and energy storage research initiatives; develop novel materials for energy conversion, energy-efficient water use and intelligent building technologies; support regional testing and facilities; and study the societal and economic impacts of these advancements. Through partnerships, UArizona expands its breadth of social, scientific, economic and engineering capabilities to transfer knowledge from the laboratory to the field.


solar panel field.jpeg

Solar panels in a desert field
Tom Fisk (Pexels)