Climate Science, Adaptation & Resilience Solutions

UA Green Fund

Submitted by thomasweiss on Tue, 01/24/2023 - 13:31

Through its Annual Grant and Mini Grant programs, the Green Fund supports sustainability-related projects proposed by any member of the UA community, and encourages collaborations between students, faculty, and staff.

National Phenology Network

Submitted by thomasweiss on Tue, 01/24/2023 - 13:22

The USA National Phenology Network uses the Internet to bring together citizen scientists, government agencies, non-profit groups, educators, and students of all ages to monitor the impacts of climate change on plants and animals in the U.S.

Earth Dynamics Observatory (EDO)

Submitted by thomasweiss on Tue, 01/24/2023 - 13:12

EDO supports the UA space sciences platform with a downward-looking view to Earth, specializing in satellite remote sensing to monitor and predict changes to the Earth system and inform hazards mitigation and national security in the face of natural disasters, a changing climate, and other environmental stresses.

Bridging Biodiversity and Conservation Science group (BBCS)

Submitted by thomasweiss on Fri, 01/20/2023 - 15:56

BBCS is a cross-campus initiative that addresses the interdisciplinary scientific and societal grand challenges associated with developing and implementing the emerging transitions needed to mitigate and adapt to climate change. It draws on campus strengths in conservation, human health biodiversity, and societal well-being.

Arizona Institute for Resilience (AIR)

Submitted by thomasweiss on Fri, 01/20/2023 - 14:23

AIR coordinates interdisciplinary groups of faculty, students and projects across the University of Arizona’s campus, from climate science to public policy, law, the arts, water resources and beyond. AIR explores and develops solutions with campus and community partners that will serve human and natural communities across the globe.