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Extreme heat and the covid-19 pandemic: Global Heat Health Information Network launches comprehensive online resource

Heat and COVID-19, a new resource from the Global Heat Health Information Network (GHHIN) that launched in May, provides an array of science-based resources on coping with heat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guide to the Arizona monsoon: Dust storms, lightning and safety tips for first-timers

You breezed through your first winter — we know, 75 degrees and sunny in January was tough — but you did it. You really liked spring, when you were able to get outside, and even though it's starting to get a little toasty now you're thinking you can handle summer. Because, really, how much hotter can it get?

Black Birders Week' Promotes Diversity and Takes on Racism in the Outdoors

Sparked by a racist incident last week in Central Park, the new initiative aims to boost recognition and representation of Black people enjoying and studying the natural world.

New Mexico mountains

Recap of CCASS/SW CASC Ecosystem Resilience Workshop

A recap of the second Ecosystem Resilience workshop, “Ecosystem Transformation After Large-Scale Disturbance,” where presenters focused on forest management and fire in the context of ecosystem resilience.

ADOT says row of trees on Mariposa Road won’t be cut down

Construction crews, seen at right, have begin clearing an area on the north side of Mariposa Road where a flyover traffic ramp is set to be built. The trees at left, part of a row of eight trees leading up to the construction site, will not be harmed by the project, the Arizona Department of Transportation said.

We need to keep water systems and workers safe as the coronavirus ravages the world

Many hard lessons already have been learned — and, in some cases, ignored — as the COVID-19 pandemic ravages the world. The good news is that, so far, the water and wastewater sectors in the United States have been largely spared. This likely will continue to be the case: Treated drinking water will remain safe to drink, and utility and wastewater treatment workers do not appear to be in any novel danger.

Can Planting a Trillion Trees Stop Climate Change? Scientists Say it’s a Lot More Complicated

Compared with cutting fossil fuels, tree planting would play only a small role in combating the climate crisis.

‘More Blue’: An Artwork Shows the Sea Changing During Lockdown

A data-driven media installation, created to reflect marine conditions around the world, has altered with the slowing human activity.

Plastics in the time of pandemic

Many restaurants have kept afloat through delivery and takeout orders provided in plastic packaging with plastic cutlery.

Shane Snyder named inaugural editor of ACS ES&T Water

Submissions to the new journal will open this summer

A deeper level of knowing: University folklorists tackle global issues

In an experiment colloquially called "adobe Stonehenge," researchers at the Desert Research Learning Center at Saguaro National Park are looking at the impact of heavy rainfall on adobe brick construction.

Architecture Students Place First in Department of Energy Competition

Four university teams were finalists for a project that aims to change the way apartment buildings, schools and homes store energy and are kept cool.