Plant-Based Thanksgiving

Nov. 23, 2020
A freshly made apple pie

Happy Turkey Week, Wildcats! It’s no secret that as populations and incomes increase around the world, agriculture and other food systems have been working hard to feed the world’s people. However, some food industries (specifically meat processing industries) have huge carbon footprints and emit carbon into the atmosphere at alarming rates. In fact, Diana Liverman, director of the School of Geography & Development, states that "people think about controlling greenhouse gas emissions, they usually think of fossil use, like having fewer coal-powered plants, or driving more fuel-efficient cars, but not many realize that the food system contributes to greenhouse gas emissions". Because pressure has been put on the United States and other countries to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, these food production practices must change -- and we can start this week! 

We put together some mouth-watering, plant-based, traditional Thanksgiving recipes that will have minimized carbon footprints and are sure to impress, even if you only show them off over Zoom before devouring them this holiday season. 

Plant-Based Green Bean Casserole
Green Bean Casserole is a Thanksgiving classic, and we’re here to show you a recipe that cuts the dairy without sacrificing any flavor. This Vegan Green Bean Casserole is the perfect traditional side dish to have on your Thanksgiving table. Plus, it is made with plant-based ingredients that minimize environmental impacts that are easily found at any grocery store.

Vegan Stuffing
Just because the bird is missing doesn’t have to mean the stuffing is out of the picture, too! Because the base ingredients for many different stuffing recipes are vegetables and bread, most of the ingredients do not need to be substituted. Plant-based butters and broths are aplenty at almost any grocery store, so vegan stuffing should be a cinch!

Veggie Gravy 
This one goes out to all of the lamenting and gravy-less Thanksgiving partygoers that choose not to indulge in meat or animal products. Most gravies are made from various meat products, but we have a delicious gravy recipe that can permanently change that! Vegan gravy is actually super easy to make, and we hope you are able to enjoy it yourself this holiday season.