Spring is arriving earlier across the US, and that’s not always good news

Across much of the United States, a warming climate has advanced the arrival of spring. This year is no exception. In parts of the Southeast, spring has arrived weeks earlier than normal and may turn out to be the warmest spring on record.

NHS grad turns summer opportunity into career

Katie Bell began her summer internship as a stranger in a strange land. But by the time she was finished, Bell knew her way around well enough to propose $20,000 of practical cost-saving methods. The company rewarded her with a full-time job offer.

Supreme Court to Review Endangered Species FOIA Case

The Supreme Court is taking up the Trump administration’s legal quest to keep certain Endangered Species Act records from the public eye.

A Forest of Fungi: Detangling the Plant Mycobiome

In the race against global climate change, researchers at the University of Arizona are working to preserve, catalog, and map the potential of thousands of species of imperiled fungi found in the world’s boreal forests.

Out of Antarctica, churnings of climate change

The interplay of carbon dioxide, winds and Southern Ocean waters could be reaching an environmental tipping point

Freedom at Too High a Price: Groundwater Depletion in Rural Arizona

Wells are going dry in rural Arizona, leaving residents struggling. A recent investigation by The Arizona Republic and a documentary by NBC News tell the stories of residents of groundwater-dependent regions within La Paz and Cochise counties whose households have been affected by falling water tables.

Family Farms Try to Raise a New Cash Cow: Solar Power

A ‘solar sharing’ pilot project in Colorado is testing whether farmers can profit from growing vegetables and harvesting green energy on the same plot.

Mapping Out Solutions for Urban Heat Islands

Innovative heat-mapping strategies provide insight into best design practices for urban climate resilience.

You can now buy reusable toilet paper

The struggle to live an eco-friendly life with zero waste is real, and while many of us try to do our part, others take their zero-waste living habits to the next level.

DNA from ancient packrat nests helps unpack Earth's past

New work shows how using next-generation DNA sequencing on ancient packrat middens could provide ecological snapshots of Earth's past.

Researchers study impacts of large fire on A Mountain

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, University of Arizona and Tumamoc Hill Desert Laboratory are conducting a research study on the desert’s recovery after the fire and specifically looking at saguaro cacti.