Engineering Better Health

Environmental contaminants can pose a major health risk. Enter Paloma Beamer, whose work in exposure science aims to protect even the most vulnerable among us.

Global Ocean Circulation Is Speeding Up

The movements of water within the ocean basins has been increasing in speed over the last 20 years, a new study shows, conflicting with prior models of climate change.

A Forest of Fungi: Detangling the Plant Mycobiome

In the race against global climate change, researchers at the University of Arizona are working to preserve, catalog, and map the potential of thousands of species of imperiled fungi found in the world’s boreal forests.

Save the Giants, Save the Planet

Protecting large animals such as elephants and whales, and large plants like the sequoias, has a disproportionate positive impact on the health of the planet and resilience to climate change.

IndigeFewss Graduate

NSF Indige-FEWSS presents Native Voices in STEM Seminar Series

The Native Voices in STEM series invites native scientists, engineers, educators, activists and community leaders to share their personal, education and career journeys.

Some Droughts Are ‘Perfect.’ Here’s Why

A "perfect drought" happens when major sources of water all experience drought at the same time. It was behind California’s dry spell early last decade, and a new study shows they go back centuries.

Gas can be removed from poplar trees to produce cleaner air, study finds

A new study led by the University of Arizona shows that poplar trees can be altered to produce better air quality by removing isoprene, a gas that damages air quality.  

From Wastewater to Craft Beer

In an effort to find sustainable solutions for Arizona’s water supply, engineers are bringing environmentally friendly practices to the state’s burgeoning beer industry.

Young activists press for action on climate change


Inexperience and age aren't stopping young people in Arizona and around the world from demanding action.

How Quickly Can You Find The Lizard Hiding In Plain Sight In This Pic?

Every week, Earyn McGee shares a fun game for her 16,000 Twitter followers. The PhD student at the University of Arizona's School of Natural Resources and the Environment is popular on Twitter as the creator of #FindThatLizard - a challenge that is exactly what it sounds like.

Researchers Seek to Solve Decades-Long Baja California Peninsula Mystery

The University of Arizona is among a group of institutions who are using a $2.6 million grant to study how geologic activity, rainfall patterns and climate cycles might have shaped the evolution and biodiversity of the Baja California peninsula over time.