Spring Is Here... But It's Still Winter

We’re more than a month out from the official start of spring, but that hasn’t stopped it from popping up earlier than expected.

Researchers: Synthetic Chemicals in Soils are 'Ticking Time Bomb'

Synthetic chemicals that were released into the environment for the first time 80 years ago have been linked to harmful health effects, and more of them are migrating slowly from the soil, according to University of Arizona research.

Researchers to Study Viability of Vertically Farming Leafy Greens

As the global population is projected to reach nearly 10 billion by the year 2050, the demand to sustainably produce healthy, affordable fruits and vegetables is more pressing than ever.

One way to reduce food waste and help the climate: build more grocery stores

Boosting the number of grocery stores in a city could help cut down on food waste and mitigate the harmful effects of climate change, a new study suggests — all while reducing households’ grocery expenses.

Community Climate Change Course Brings Faculty Expertise to Public

The multidisciplinary, six-week "Climate Change: Earth, Sea, and Sky" class kicks off March 17.

Local Opinion: Tucson Electric Power is investing in carbon reductions, cleaner energy resources

Tucson Electric Power is significantly reducing carbon emissions from an energy portfolio that includes more renewable energy and less coal than ever before.

A look at paleoflood hydrology

The Colorado River Basin has experienced incredibly large flood events in the past. Present-day river deposits can be used to understand the size and timing of floods that have happened within the region.

Robots are changing the future of farming

A robot named Sam rules over this atypical Ohio farm.

Why Your Reusable Grocery Bag Needs To Be Cleaned Asap

Because 97% of us never have — not even once.

Tucson gaining national reputation as mining tech hub

While Southern Arizona has always been known for rich, mining resources, now the Old Pueblo is gaining a national reputation for being a mining tech hub.