2020 NCERA-101 Annual Meeting

The University of Arizona Controlled Environment Agriculture Center is pleased to invite you to attend the 2020 International Meeting of the NCERA 101 Committee on Controlled Environment Technology & Use, as well as join The Controlled Environment Agriculture Center in commemorating 20 successful and productive years as we celebrate the Center’s 20th Anniversary.

Biosphere 2 closes to public due to the pandemic

Biosphere 2, a major tourism attraction north of Tucson near Oracle, suspended all public activities effective Friday, March 13, at 4 p.m., for an undetermined period of time.

Bill to end “use it or lose it” water policy sailing through Legislature

A bill to remove an outdated “use it or lose it” policy in state water law is sailing through both houses at the Legislature, a sign that progress is inching forward as Arizona prepares for a drier future. 

Bridging the Food-or-Energy Gap

Should land be used for solar panels or agriculture? The burgeoning Solar Sheep movement argues: Why not both?

Pima County concerned about exceeding ozone limits

One more tick and Pima County could face federal compliance issues which could be costly to county business but more importantly, for people’s health.

Birds, dragonflies other wildlife flocked to a wetter Santa Cruz River

Dragonflies, toads, roadrunners, snakes and kingfishers all found a home at the Santa Cruz River downtown while Tucson Water was releasing large amounts of water into that stretch.

The Mediterranean nearly dried up. A cataclysmic flood revived it.

New Evidence reignites a longstanding debate about how the sea reconnected with the ocean.

Oral histories shed light on exposures near Superfund sites

A new collection of oral histories from people who work and live near two Arizona Superfund sites was posted online in January. The community-driven Voices Unheard project captures video accounts, photos, and descriptions from communities near the Tucson International Airport Area and the Iron King Mine-Humboldt Smelter Superfund sites.

What's Up With All the Crane Flies?

A mass emergence of crane flies has many Tucsonans wondering what the creatures are, why there are so many of them and why they seemed to show up all at once. A University of Arizona insect expert has answers.