Epidemiologist: no indication warmer weather will deter COVID-19 cases


A discussion with University of Arizona epidemiologist Michael Worobey.

A new vision for farming: Chickens, sheep, and ... solar panels

Agriculture and the solar power industry have at times been at odds, competing for the landscape. But some farmers and developers are finding that the two can be complementary.

Redirecting the river: Researchers, officials plan sediment removal for the Santa Cruz

Just under a year ago, Tucson Water launched the Santa Cruz River Heritage Project, an undertaking that brought much fanfare when city officials opened the valve to provide year-round water flow to a dried-up section of the river at the base of A Mountain.

On this Earth Day, let’s think about agriculture

Farmers and ranchers hold the key to carbon storage.

Coronavirus Creates Conditions for Unique Environmental Science 'Global Experiment'

UArizona scientists say they need more measurements and more time to accurately assess the environmental and health impacts of the novel coronavirus.

Super-Polluting Methane Emissions Twice Federal Estimates in Permian Basin, Study Finds

The methane is a byproduct of fracking for oil, often burned off at well heads or emitted into the atmosphere instead of being captured for use as fuel.

$3 million NSF grant supports search for heat-tolerant tomatoes

When your tomato plants won’t bear fruit during the dog days of summer, a team of Wake Forest researchers led by Gloria Muday will be in the lab, trying to find a plant that thrives despite the heat.

EPA awards $255k in grants for environment, health on Arizona-Mexico border

The Arizona-Sonora border region will receive over $255,000 to advance environmental projects, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced last week. Recipient organizations will match with an additional $100,000.

UArizona Experts Predict a Very Active Hurricane Season

University of Arizona hurricane forecasters are predicting an above-average Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through Nov. 30.

Recycling takes a hit in coronavirus California as plastic waste piles up

The coronavirus pandemic has set back efforts to combat plastic pollution, as environmentally conscious Bay Area residents are forced to abandon their good habits while efforts on the state level to reduce waste face an uncertain future.

OPINION: Tucson's admirable water conservation efforts

About a year ago, part of the Santa Cruz River had flowing water for the first time in around 80 years. The effects of returning water to a system like the Santa Cruz can greatly benefit riparian wildlife, plants and communities near the water. 

Direct potable beer: potable reuse project

Grundfos’ commitment to promoting sustainability is genuine, as evident by how it spearheads programs worldwide to help promote the efficient and sustainable use of water and energy.