To Spot Future Coronavirus Flare-Ups, Search the Sewers

Wastewater-based epidemiology can test large groups of people and help better allocate scarce resources

Here's why the Bighorn Fire got so big: weather, fuel, terrain

On June 17 in Tucson, Peter Norton watched smoke billow from the Santa Catalina Mountains. His shift at Mount Lemmon’s fire department had ended the day before, but he and another firefighter, Aaron Lindflott, had made a pact. When it was time to head back up the mountain to fight the Bighorn Fire, they’d be ready.

Fun Science Games You Can Play On Twitter

Looking for a new activity to do while staying home to social distance? 

A number of scientists host weekly games and challenges on Twitter. Players get to have fun for free while learning trivia about the natural world.

Alaskan megaeruption may have helped end the Roman Republic

For ages, the shadow of a volcano has hung over the fall of the Roman Republic. Ancient historians told of the Sun’s mysterious disappearance after Julius Caesar’s murder in 44 B.C.E., which was followed by bouts of cold and crop failures. Now, a team of scientists and historians has discovered that one of the largest known eruptions in history struck in 43 B.C.E.—potentially contributing to 2 years of weird weather and famine as the republic dissolved and the empire took shape.

UA professor’s research on Chinese rivers lands him three awards

University of Arizona history professor, UNESCO chair in Environmental History and former director of the UA's Global Studies Program David Pietz is in a class of his own, winning three prestigious titles rewarding him for his seminal research in Chinese water conservation. 

Why are so many fires ravaging the Southern Arizona wilderness?

From the Bighorn Fire continuing to burn through the beloved Catalina Mountains to the human-caused Bush Fire near Phoenix, now deemed as the largest current fire in the U.S., fires are taking a toll on the wilderness of Southern and Central Arizona.

Breakdown of the 'behavior' of Bighorn Fire

 number of factors that contributed to how big the Bighorn Fire has been and where it's burned on the mountains.

Will the iconic saguaro cactus start to disappear from parts of the Southwest?

The saguaro cactus, an iconic symbol of the Southwest and a key cultural touchpoint to desert tribal peoples such as the Tohono O’odham, may one day begin to fade from some parts of the Sonoran Desert as natural and human-caused factors reshape the landscape.