How Quickly Can You Find The Lizard Hiding In Plain Sight In This Pic?

Every week, Earyn McGee shares a fun game for her 16,000 Twitter followers. The PhD student at the University of Arizona's School of Natural Resources and the Environment is popular on Twitter as the creator of #FindThatLizard - a challenge that is exactly what it sounds like.

Researchers Seek to Solve Decades-Long Baja California Peninsula Mystery

The University of Arizona is among a group of institutions who are using a $2.6 million grant to study how geologic activity, rainfall patterns and climate cycles might have shaped the evolution and biodiversity of the Baja California peninsula over time.

5 Things You Should Know About the Earth’s Warming Ocean

Climate change has caused record-breaking ocean temperatures, and that means more dangerous storms, trouble for coral reefs and big changes for our marine ecosystems.

Carbon expert brings mission-focused, team approach to addressing climate change

Riley Duren packed his bags in September and moved on from a 30-year career at NASA to join the University of Arizona's interdisciplinary team of climate change experts, tasked with accelerating solutions to climate challenges.

Researcher takes tree-ring science underwater

See how one UArizona scientist has been using tree-ring science, called dendrochronology, to study climate using the growth increments in bony fishes like salmon and bivalves like saltwater clams. Weirdly, it works very, very well.

The argument for plastic straws

Lots of colorful plastic straws with flexible bodies stuck together in a glass. Some of them are sticking out. In the background there are some more thrown around on the table.

UBRP Conference showcases undergraduates' biology research

Over 100 University of Arizona undergraduate researchers presented their work at the 31st annual Undergraduate Biology Research Program Conference in the Environmental and Natural Resources 2 building on Saturday, Jan. 25. This conference served as a public showcase of the work UBRP students completed during their time in the program.

Catalysts of Change' is Theme of Arizona Science Lecture Series

University of Arizona experts will focus on climate, space, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering – four topics that continue to change the world and influence the way people will live in the future.

Image of vines growing inside Biosphere 2 with sky in the background

The Strange Tale of Biosphere 2 Gets a Fitting Showcase in "Spaceship Earth"

Documentary filmmaker Matt Wolf on his latest, a deep dive into an ecological utopia gone wrong.

UA Researcher Working To Cut Off Citrus Disease Before It Spreads To Arizona Crops

There is an outbreak that’s killing California’s citrus trees. Earlier this month, that state’s orange growers expanded a quarantine zone to cover more than 1,000 square miles of infected land in four counties.