A Bird Named for a Confederate General Sparks Calls for Change

McCown's longspur has launched a renewed reckoning over the troubling histories reflected in some species names.

Bighorn Fire nearly out but ecological trouble lies ahead

Firefighters have mostly contained the Bighorn Fire, which has consumed more than 119,000 acres of the Santa Catalina Mountains since a bolt of lightning set the blaze off on the night of Friday, June 5.

Multi-University Center Aims to Minimize Mine Tailings Risk


Increased concern over the sustainability of handling mine waste has led to a joint venture dedicated to mine tailings research and education.

Zoom meeting on computer

Recap of June 2020 Co-InFEWS Workshop

A recap of the Co-InFEWS Workshop hosted online during the week of June 15, 2020, where Indigenous community members, scholars and representatives from federal and tribal agencies met to collaborate on ideas and share experiences about the nexus of food, energy and water systems.

People Try To Spot A Lizard Cleverly Hiding In A Pic Of Broken Branches

If you’re someone who enjoys solving puzzles or loves a good challenge than I have an absolute treat for you. Your mission should you choose to accept it – is to find a lizard cleverly hidden in these broken branches.

Rare watering hole near border wall southwest of Tucson is drying up

The cause of the drop in water levels at Quitobaquito Springs is complicated, experts say.

To Spot Future Coronavirus Flare-Ups, Search the Sewers

Wastewater-based epidemiology can test large groups of people and help better allocate scarce resources

Superfund Research Center Receives $10.6M to Study Mining Waste, Arsenic-Diabetes Link


The center, since 1989, has helped address the state's most pressing environmental contamination sites.

Here's why the Bighorn Fire got so big: weather, fuel, terrain

On June 17 in Tucson, Peter Norton watched smoke billow from the Santa Catalina Mountains. His shift at Mount Lemmon’s fire department had ended the day before, but he and another firefighter, Aaron Lindflott, had made a pact. When it was time to head back up the mountain to fight the Bighorn Fire, they’d be ready.