Centers, Institutes and Programs

Sonoran Desert cactus and wildflowers

Header photo by Zack Guido

The centers, institutes and programs under the Arizona Institute for Resilient Environments and Societies encourage the growth of climate science and resilience solutions, community outreach and interaction, and international and global strategies and partnerships. By working together, AIRES units will build a "Roadmap to Resilience" that integrates research, education and solutions for local and global applications.

Indigenous Resilience Center

The Indigenous Resilience Center’s mission is to provide support for Indigenous students, staff and faculty while modeling and teaching respectful tribal engagement. The goal is to build and support a collaborative team of STEM faculty who will work within the Center to create a robust community of Native and Indigenous STEM scholars and students that respectfully honor Traditional Knowledge and tribal sovereignty in all their endeavors.

Institute for Energy Solutions

The Institute for Energy Solutions (IES) is at the forefront of innovation in energy-related research. Through cross-disciplinary programs, training and outreach activities, the institute develops solutions to emerging problems pertinent to Arizona, the Southwest U.S. and similar global areas. They leverage the depth of expertise among the University affiliates to address challenges in energy and its relation to society, water, climate and the economy.

International Programs

The AIR International Programs advances resilience scholarship in international contexts and supports resilience research by stewarding the Arizona Institutes for Resilience International Development (AIRID) Network. We support faculty, students, and researchers at the University of Arizona who work on resilience topics in regions most sensitive to global environmental changes and on topics that advance international sustainable development objectives.