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TRIF/WEES AIR Resilience Grants

The Arizona Institutes for Resilience (AIR) is offering 10-month grants for activities that advance the institute’s mission of supporting interdisciplinary groups, including with off-campus partners, to develop practical, applied solutions that further resilience in our natural and human communities. AIR themes within the FY22 TRIF/WEES initiative cover a wide range of research, from climate-related physical and social science to public policy, data and modeling, public health, water resources and much more. We encourage proposals from any area on campus and encourage creativity in how we can work to promote resilience in our community.

Proposals due 8 AM on Monday, October 4

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Arizona Institutes for Resilience: Solutions for the Environment and Society

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Photo by Zack Guido

Arizona Institutes for Resilience: Solutions for the Environment and Society (AIR) coordinates interdisciplinary groups of faculty, students and projects across the University of Arizona’s campus, from climate science to public policy, law, the arts, water resources and beyond. Led by Professor Jim Buizer, AIR explores and develops solutions with campus and community partners that will serve human and natural communities across the globe. Further, as part of the UArizona Office of Research Innovation & Impact, led by Senior Vice President, Dr. Betsy Cantwell, AIR builds a robust web of environmental connections across colleges and departments that collectively make up Arizona Environment.

AIR includes many centers, institutes, and programs that work together to build a “Roadmap to Resilience,” drawing on the expertise of many colleges and departments to promote partnerships and interdisciplinary activities. Looking to the future, AIR will help individuals, businesses and communities manage risk and find opportunities associated with solving the climate crisis.

AIR focuses on solutions that engage a full array of disciplines, professional schools, international capacity, and entrepreneurial opportunities. The AIR themes that form the cross-campus Arizona Environment structure encourage solution-focused research in topics such as climate science, adaptation and resilience solutions; national security and the environment; data, informatics and modeling; biodiversity, conservation and ecosystems; and many more.

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