Stacey Tecot

Associate Professor, School of Anthropology

Director, Laboratory for the Evolutionary Endocrinology of Primates

Co-Director, Ranomafana Red-Bellied Lemur Project

Co-Founder, Palm Oil Awareness Initiative

My main interest is in how individuals cope with changing environments. My current focus is on the evolution of cooperative and reproductive strategies, with a particular emphasis on the evolution of allomaternal care in primates. My fieldwork takes place in Madagascar, where I co-direct the Ranomafana Red-Bellied Lemur Project (RRBLP) with Rachel Jacobs. The goal of the RRBLP is to establish a long-term demographic dataset to track individual reproductive success and population growth/decline over time, and actively blend research with conservation and capacity building. This work is done in part with computer-assisted facial recognition technology. At the University of Arizona, I direct LEEP (Laboratory for the Evolutionary Endocrinology of Primates). LEEP is currently conducting research on the hormonal basis of intersexual dominance relationships and allomaternal care of infants, and developing new assays to measure noninvasively collected samples. Additional research foci include pair-bonding and monogamy, and the gut microbiome.


  • PhD, Anthropology, University of Texas-Austin, 2008