John Koprowski

Director, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Director, Mt. Graham Biology Programs

Professor of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology

John L. Koprowski is a Professor of Wildlife Conservation and Management in the School of Natural Resources & Environment at The University of Arizona where he has been a faculty member since 2000. He holds degrees in Zoology from Ohio State University (BS) and Southern Illinois University (MA) and Biology from the University of Kansas (PhD). John serves as the Director of the Mt. Graham Biology Programs and has served as Director of the Desert Southwest Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit. He teaches courses in general ecology, wildlife management, animal behavior and conservation. His research program focuses on the ecology and conservation of mammals with a particular emphasis on the behavioral and population ecology of squirrels in the United States, Mexico, Peru, China and South Africa. He has authored >120 scientific articles on conservation, disturbance, animal behavior, climate and ecology to include 3 books, most recently the co-authored volume, Squirrels of the World. He serves the IUCN as North American Red List Coordinator for Small Mammals, is on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Mammalogists, and is a Fellow of The Wildlife Society. He lives in the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona with his wife, Nancy, and college-aged children, Emma and Zach.