Goggy Davidowitz

Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology

My broad area of interest is in how organisms adjust growth and development in response to environmental variation. Specifically, I am focusing on the physiological mechanisms by which insects translate variation in diet quality and temperature—two environmental factors with strong effects on life histories—into phenotypic variation in body size and development time, traits highly correlated with fitness. In my work I emphasize the regulation of these traits at the level of the whole organism. The complexity of the traits and the mechanisms that regulate them have led me to develop an integrative research program. Currently, I am employing techniques from quantitative genetics, physiology, endocrinology, ecology, evolutionary biology, behavior, and elemental stoichiometry, respirometry, combining lab, greenhouse, and field work.


  • PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (with a minor in Entomology) at the University of Arizona
  • MSc. in Zoology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel