Diana Liverman

Regents' Professor, School of Geography and Development

I focus on environmental issues and the human dimensions of global environmental change, especially the social causes and consequences of climate change. I study the fate of the disadvantaged and disempowered in a changing climate – the poor, women, children, and other species - and more generally the political ecology of global environmental change.

I am Regents Professor of Geography and Development, University of Arizona; and also associated with the Center for Latin American Studies and the Arid Lands program at UA.  I am also affiliated with Linacre College at Oxford University where I was the director of the Environmental Change Institute.  Over my career I have taught at Oxford, Penn State and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and worked at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

About Me... My expertise and research interests focus on the human dimensions of environmental change, connecting earth and social sciences to understand challenges of drought and climate change, climate policy, climate change communication, food security, land use, and international environmental governance. I am probably best known for my research on climate vulnerability, climate assessment, carbon offsets and climate and development, and have also published on NAFTA and the environment, planetary boundaries, and climate governance. I have advised a wide range of government committees, NGOs and businesses on climate issues. My tenure and disciplinary home is in the School of Geography and Development where I contribute to the human-environment/political ecology/governance cluster and help to coordinate the BA in Environmental Studies. I am the founder of the Carson Fellows program at the University of Arizona which trains students to better communicate their research and was the codesigner of the new international research program Future Earth.  I am a lead author for the 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on limiting warming to 1.5C.  My most recent research focuses on climate and the sustainable development goals, the environmental legacy of NAFTA, and narratives about climate change


  • BA University College London
  • MA University of Toronto
  • PhD UCLA