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Indige Fewss WRRC Photo Contest Winnter Tulley

Trainee Nikki Tulley, WRRC 2020 Photo Contest Winner

Navajo Hydrologist Aims to Safeguard the Resources of Her People

Dec 7, 2020

Inspired by her family and traditional upbringing on the Navajo Nation, PhD student Nikki Tulley dedicates her life to restoring balance and tackling water insecurities among Indigenous communities by studying to be one of only a few female Navajo hydrologists in the world.

Indige-FEWSS: Restoring Harmony & Resources

Sep 25, 2019

A National Science Foundation-funded collaboration between the University of Arizona and Dine Community College, the Indige-FEWSS program has enabled students to build an off-the-grid water filtration system with the ability to serve 50 families on the far-flung Navajo Nation. The goal of Indige-FEWSS is to teach the next generation of STEM professionals how to confront food, energy and water challenges in indigenous communities while letting traditional Navajo values and knowledge guide their work.