Nov. 15, 2020

What is your major?
I’m a junior in Environmental Science with an emphasis in the Biosphere

What organizations or groups are you involved in on campus?
I am a Co-Director of Students for Sustainability, as well as a manager at the Campus Rec Center and a member of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean's Entrepreneurial Leadership Council. I’m also on the club triathlon team, Tricats.

What environmental issues are you most passionate about?
I am most passionate about the oceans and marine ecosystems. I would love to be able to help the world's corals one day, and I am always happy to learn more about the complex life in the ocean.

What has been your favorite environment-related experience at UArizona?
My favorite sustainability-related experience was Students for Sustainability's (SFS) Earth Day event on the Mall in Spring 2019. It was a really big event, where we at SFS invited a lot of different environmentally-focused groups on campus and from the community to help celebrate the 49th Earth Day, bring awareness to sustainability, and educate students on the topic through interactive activities and prizes.

What is your favorite story from your time in Students for Sustainability?
It's hard to choose a single favorite story from Students for Sustainability because the meetings are so educational and interactive! Some of the most memorable meetings are when we hold debates on topics such as nuclear energy or environmental policies, and we are each assigned to a side of the debate; we have to do research and debate for that perspective, and it ends up being a very educational and fun experience where you get to learn about both sides of popular sustainability-related arguments.