Global Heating Will Make Colorado River Basin Drought More Severe

A person can survive 30 days (or more) without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without air. The latest climate research indicates all three will be in short supply as average temperatures on Earth increase.

If ancient drought choked the Southwest for centuries, what does the future hold?

The ancient people of western Utah’s Danger Cave lived well. They ate freshwater fish, ducks and other small game, according to detritus they left behind. They had a lush lakeside view with cattails, bulrushes and water-loving willows adorning the marshlands.

Ancient Puebloans used ice caves to survive droughts

Carbon dating allows us to know exactly when ice was melted for drinking water in pre-Columbian America.

Pioneering Navajo Hydrologist Karletta Chief Honored by American Geophysical Union

For her pioneering engagement and partnership with Indigenous communities leading to transformative outcomes, hydrologist Karletta Chief (Diné) will be one of 36 American Geophysical Union honorees this year, receiving the AGU Ambassador Award and a conferred fellowship.