Wet monsoon dwarfs last year's totals

Monsoon rains are finally putting a dent in Arizona’s epic drought — but so far it’s an itsy, bitsy divot.

Monsoon brings welcome rain to Southwest, but drought stubbornly persists

The rain has eased fire concerns, but a lot more is needed to replenish water supplies.

Western drought drives water levels at Great Salt Lake and Lake Powell to historic lows

The water levels of two major water bodies — including a major reservoir — have reached historic lows in recent days amid extreme drought conditions in the western United States.

Study: Stark picture for Arizona water supply, Tucson could be oasis in desert

Arizona has been in a state of drought for two decades. For the first time in the modern history of the Colorado River, a water shortage will likely be declared at Lake Mead. Couple this with increasing temperatures and climate change and it could spell trouble for Arizona's water supply.

Rain during monsoon season is becoming less reliable, less effective

It's monsoon season in the American Southwest. For Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, the seasonal rains are very important for rivers and pastures and for keeping wildfires in check. But climate change has made the monsoon less regular. Here's Michael Elizabeth Sakas from Colorado Public Radio.