group standing by wash in Arizona

The Realities of Adaptation in the Water Sector

The third episode of the Water Solutions for Our Warmer World series featured a diverse array of panelists who offered their perspectives on how adaptations are unfolding in the water sector.

California’s Relentless Droughts Strain Farming Towns

Gov. Newsom has placed most of the state under a drought emergency, which could leave communities struggling with agricultural pollution without drinking water.

The Gila River Indian Community innovates for a drought-ridden future

Through partnerships and exchanges, the community is ensuring that its members have long-term access to their own resources while helping solve broader water supply problems.

Rivers might not be as resilient to drought as once thought

Years after a lengthy drought, some southeastern Australia rivers show no signs of recovering.

Air Conditioners Might Be One Water Source of Our Urban Future

A global water crisis has companies and cities reusing the condensation from air conditioners to water plants, flush toilets and in one case, brew beer.