Understanding and Fighting the Western Forest Firestorm

A University of Arizona fire ecology expert explains why each new wildfire season has been worse than the last — and what that might mean for the future.

Supreme Court to Review Endangered Species FOIA Case

The Supreme Court is taking up the Trump administration’s legal quest to keep certain Endangered Species Act records from the public eye.

Arizona Institutes for Resilience: Solutions for the Environment and Society

(AIR) coordinates interdisciplinary groups of faculty, students and projects across the University of Arizona’s campus, from climate science to public policy, law, the arts, water resources and beyond. AIR explores and develops solutions with campus and community partners that will serve human and natural communities across the globe. 

Governance, Environmental Law & Decision-making

Issues of law, policy and governance are a key focus of national and international environmental research at UArizona. Faculty work on diverse topics from an array of disciplinary perspectives that draw insights from the natural and social sciences, information and computer sciences, law and policy, Native American studies, and other fields.