UArizona research shows perseverance in Tucson food industry

University of Arizona researchers released a new report of how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the food system right here in Tucson.

Researchers look to solve food production challenges due to climate change

Researchers say climate change is posing significant challenges for farmers across the country and could have an impact on food production in years to come.

Op-ed: How the Pandemic Made it Harder For Immigrants to Access Food

From avoiding public benefits like food assistance programs, to facing overwhelmed private programs, many immigrants faced increased food insecurity during the pandemic. 

Food waste rises during the pandemic

The increase in food takeout due to the pandemic has also led to an increase in single-use plastic items.

Why combining farms and solar panels could transform how we produce both food and energy

Agrivoltaics—putting solar panels on farmland—lead to astonishing productivity gains and improved energy efficiency. Except when they don’t.

University of Arizona gathers data on COVID-19 pandemic effect on tomatoes

A clear consumer retail preference for vine-ripened tomatoes after the March 2020 COVID lockdown is one finding of a study by the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics at the University of Arizona.