UArizona Tracking Coronavirus Through Wastewater Across US

Researchers at the University of Arizona Water and Energy Sustainable Technology Center are testing wastewater across the country to trace coronavirus prevalence in communities and help public health officials better prepare for the future.

From Wastewater to Craft Beer

In an effort to find sustainable solutions for Arizona’s water supply, engineers are bringing environmentally friendly practices to the state’s burgeoning beer industry.

Desert Research Unit

The Desert Research Unit performs basic and applied research to evaluate and promote methods for reclamation of water and land in arid and semiarid environments.

Desert Southwest Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit (DSCESU)

DSCESU is a UA-based cooperative network of federal, university, and non-governmental agencies studying and managing natural and cultural resources across California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, with emphasis on involving communities and under-represented groups.


Superfund Research Program

The mission of the Superfund Research Program is to advance science and apply the biomedical and environmental research conducted by the program for the improvement of human health and the environment.