Current Affair: Local Stewards Facilitate Ongoing Rehabilitation Of The Santa Cruz River

Since November 2020, a group of local volunteers has worked to remove the garbage and invasive species surrounding the downtown reach of the Santa Cruz River in Tucson. Through their efforts, the group hopes to encourage the return of more native species to the urban ecosystem and foster stronger community connections to the river.

FAA: No prosecution for drone flight that slowed fight of Tucson's Bighorn Fire

Illegal drone intrusions into the Bighorn Fire airspace forced firefighters to shut down their air attack at some crucial moments. To combat the fire, low-flying aircraft are used, which could put them in the same airspace with a drone.

Fire on the mountain: Local experts discuss causes, damages and fighting the Bighorn Wildfires

A series of experts and panelists from the U.S. Forest Service and the University of Arizona’s Institute of Resilience recently held a webinar on Aug. 5, detailing their current assessments of the causes, damages and the prevention methods stemming from this summer’s Bighorn Wildfire.

Researchers say there are positive benefits to wildfires

Researchers at the University of Arizona said some fire is necessary to create habitats.

UArizona Tracking Coronavirus Through Wastewater Across US

Researchers at the University of Arizona Water and Energy Sustainable Technology Center are testing wastewater across the country to trace coronavirus prevalence in communities and help public health officials better prepare for the future.

From Wastewater to Craft Beer

In an effort to find sustainable solutions for Arizona’s water supply, engineers are bringing environmentally friendly practices to the state’s burgeoning beer industry.