UA economics prof: Climate change will bring big upheaval to society, markets

A University of Arizona economics professor said taxing carbon emissions would help solve the significant challenges that climate change poses to U.S. and world economies.

Food waste rises during the pandemic

The increase in food takeout due to the pandemic has also led to an increase in single-use plastic items.

Four Steps to Manage Restaurant Waste

Waste management is one of the challenges affecting the restaurant industry.  Research from the University of Arizona shows that fast-food restaurants waste 9.55 percent, while full-service restaurants waste 11.3 percent on average.

Aaron Nach standing in front of trees and mountains

Aaron Nach Finds the Bonds between Accounting and Climate Justice

Recent Arizona graduate and 2020 Homecoming King talks about his experience finding the valuable connections between accounting and climate change. We wish Aaron the best of luck with all of his future endeavors!