Dr. Karletta Chief Receives Distinguished Outreach Faculty Award

Dr. Karletta Chief received the University Distinguished Outreach Faculty Award for 2021, an honor that recognizes faculty who demonstrate outstanding commitment to outreach for the common good of the state and the nation.

Joan Rose by a river

Joan Rose presents a special public talk, May 2021

In a special public talk, Dr. Rose offers a look into her career and her significant contributions to the understanding of water microbiology and its use in monitoring water quality to improve public health.

William Borkan Places Second in EnViSion 2021

WilliamBorkan is an Indige-FEWSS trainee and Master's student in the School of Environmental Sciences. Borkan competed in the 2021 Virtual Earth Week EnVision contest and placed 2nd among all graduate student participants for his presentation on Comparing Uranium Transport Through Two Different Porous Media. 

Op-ed: How the Pandemic Made it Harder For Immigrants to Access Food

From avoiding public benefits like food assistance programs, to facing overwhelmed private programs, many immigrants faced increased food insecurity during the pandemic.