Multi-University Center Aims to Minimize Mine Tailings Risk


Increased concern over the sustainability of handling mine waste has led to a joint venture dedicated to mine tailings research and education.

Floods follow fires: Leaders prepare for post-Bighorn Fire monsoon

All eyes have been on the Bighorn Fire since it sparked on June 5.

But now, city and county leaders are preparing for what comes next — monsoon and flooding.

Alaskan megaeruption may have helped end the Roman Republic

For ages, the shadow of a volcano has hung over the fall of the Roman Republic. Ancient historians told of the Sun’s mysterious disappearance after Julius Caesar’s murder in 44 B.C.E., which was followed by bouts of cold and crop failures. Now, a team of scientists and historians has discovered that one of the largest known eruptions in history struck in 43 B.C.E.—potentially contributing to 2 years of weird weather and famine as the republic dissolved and the empire took shape.

Why are so many fires ravaging the Southern Arizona wilderness?

From the Bighorn Fire continuing to burn through the beloved Catalina Mountains to the human-caused Bush Fire near Phoenix, now deemed as the largest current fire in the U.S., fires are taking a toll on the wilderness of Southern and Central Arizona.

Impact of monsoon after wildfires

Researchers at the University of Arizona said it's because stabilizing materials for the ground, like plants and trees, are burnt.

Bighorn Fire nearly out but ecological trouble lies ahead

Firefighters have mostly contained the Bighorn Fire, which has consumed more than 119,000 acres of the Santa Catalina Mountains since a bolt of lightning set the blaze off on the night of Friday, June 5.