How Rainbows Could Boost Your Roof’s Solar Power

It’s a way to make solar panels even more efficient, and all it takes is a little hologram.

Million-year study shows warming will make Indian monsoons more extreme, says geoscientist Kaustubh Thirumalai

Climate models have predicted that global warming will make monsoons in India wetter and more unpredictable. 

Monsoon season is not expected to bring much relief to the drought-stricken Southwest this year

Amid a worsening drought across the southwestern United States, residents are hoping for rain from the upcoming monsoon season. But there may not be much luck this year.

Record-Breaking Temperatures More Likely in Populated Tropics

New research shows that most extreme heat events are going to occur in the tropics rather than the poles.

Unprecedented outbreak of side blooms on saguaros in Arizona

Cactus experts are tracking an unprecedented outbreak of “side blooms” on saguaros across Southern Arizona this year.