Forests and Climate Change – “We Can’t Plant Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis”

Some climate activists advocate large-scale tree-planting campaigns in forests around the world to suck up heat-trapping carbon dioxide and help rein in climate change.

Planting a million trees in the semi-arid desert to combat climate change

Tucson's ambitious tree planting goal aims to improve the health of residents, wildlife, and the watershed.

Rivers might not be as resilient to drought as once thought

Years after a lengthy drought, some southeastern Australia rivers show no signs of recovering.

Food waste rises during the pandemic

The increase in food takeout due to the pandemic has also led to an increase in single-use plastic items.

UArizona Partners With French National Centre for Scientific Research to Establish France-Arizona Institute for Global Grand Challenges

The partnership establishes the France-Arizona Institute for Global Grand Challenges at the University of Arizona, which will address critical research areas through large-scale international collaboration, innovation and exchange of resources.