A Warmer Climate May Spell Doom For Western Butterflies

Wide open spaces, like much of Wyoming, are known to be strongholds for pollinators like butterflies. They often contain critical habitat and food resources, far away from the disturbance of human civilization. But it turns out even those areas are under threat.

Fire as Medicine: Learning from Native American Fire Stewardship

For centuries, Indigenous peoples have worked to live in harmony with fire. Can integrating such cultural practices into contemporary wildfire management help prevent catastrophic wildfires?

Butterfly populations in western United States declining every year

A new report examining more than 400 species of butterflies throughout the western United States has found that butterfly populations are declining at an estimated rate of 1.6% per year, and these declines are particularly associated with warmer autumns. 

Why a new jaguar sighting near the Arizona-Mexico border gives experts hope

The exclusive finding suggests the jaguar's range may be expanding—and a new study verifies the U.S. has plentiful habitat to reclaim if the cats can reach it.