UArizona Graduate Student Wins National Storytelling Competition

Jake Meyers' video followed an urban farmer in Nairobi, Kenya. The grand prize for his piece is an expedition to Iceland with National Geographic.

Using The Loop to go back in time

The Cultural Walk reminds us that we are newcomers, just the latest arrivals in a long line of people who have found refuge and made a home in the Sonoran Desert. The informational plaques explain that the Hohokam arrived in the 1100s. Yet even they were far from the first to make this valley their home. People have been residing here for almost 4,000 years.

The Life and Death of One of America's Most Mysterious Trees

A symbol of life, an ancient sundial or just firewood? Tree-ring scientists trace the origin of a tree log unearthed almost a century ago.

Home Grown: How drying vegetables cuts down on food waste

One of the oldest domestic arts, dehydrating foods at home provides an easy, economical way to save surplus food for a later time and in turn, decrease agriculture waste. 

Oral histories shed light on exposures near Superfund sites

A new collection of oral histories from people who work and live near two Arizona Superfund sites was posted online in January. The community-driven Voices Unheard project captures video accounts, photos, and descriptions from communities near the Tucson International Airport Area and the Iron King Mine-Humboldt Smelter Superfund sites.