Holograms increase solar energy yield

The energy available from sunlight is 10,000 times more than what is needed to supply the world's energy demands. Sunlight has two main properties that are useful in the design of renewable energy systems.

Many Overheated Forests May Soon Release More Carbon Than They Absorb

New research suggests that, sooner than expected, trees may become carbon sources rather than carbon sinks, as a feedback loop of rising temperatures drives them to release more greenhouse gases.

Global Warming Gathers Pace

The world is getting hotter: during three recent years, the total amount of global warming jumped by a fourth. And cities are getting hotter, too.

Could agrivoltaics feed our demand for clean energy?

Agrivoltaics could result in more food, more energy, lower water demand, lower carbon emissions, and more prosperous rural communities, says an Oregon State University researcher. He plans to build a farm to prove the point.

The history of the world is written in tree rings

Trees store information about climatic conditions in the rings they lay down each year. Dendrochronology — the science of studying these rings — allows scientists to learn about the ancient climate on Earth.

'Everything depends on the corn': As crops wither, the Hopi fear for their way of life

For 2,000 years, the Hopi have been growing corn in an arid landscape, relying on the rains. Now climate change threatens their farming traditions.