We Still Remain Conference

The Native Nations Institute at the University of Arizona and American Indian Studies Department at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke are partnering to host the We Still Remain Conference from March 25 to 26, a special free event.

The conference will feature virtual interactive sessions to: 

  • promote a deeper understanding of Southeast (SE) Indigenous Studies;
  • encourage the research interests of underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students in SE Indigenous Peoples and communities;
  • increase the knowledge of SE Indigenous Peoples and the research and education programming happening in their communities; and
  • support early career and senior scholars in their research development.

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“This conference came out of a desire to really address the research knowledge that tribes and tribal communities need right now. The pandemic has underscored the need to better understand tribal communities in forgotten places like the Southeast. We are the Indigenous people who remained in the Southeast. We should be at the forefront of shaping the research that is done about and for us."
-Dr. Mary Ann Jacobs, co-PI, UNC-Pembroke


All Day March 25, 2021