Tumamoc Agave

Tasting: Sonoran Local Agave Spirits

Agave has been a mainstay of culture in the Americas for millenia: food, drink, tool, spirit, utilitarian, sacred. Adaptations to aridity represented by both agave and people hold critical insights into how to live in the desert. The Agave Renaissance lecture series looks closely at these adaptations and the reciprocal relationship between this desert plant and people. Through presentations, roundtable discussions, tastings, and art we will collectively reconnect to the importance of agave, how this relationship in threatened by climate change and our actions, and also how a resilient future is embedded in the heart of a plant.

For this series, Club Congress and El Crisol will be offering tastings of agave spirits. If you'd like to participate, register for the presentation portion of the tasting and click the link to the Hotel Congress Bottle Shop to make a purchase of agave spirits to enjoy at home during the presentation.

Tumamoc Agave

February 10 at 6 PM MST

Suzanne Fish, Curator Emerita Arizona State Museum, Professor of Anthropology, University of Arizona

Paul Fish, Curator Emeritus Arizona State Museum, Professor of Anthropology, University of Arizona

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Tasting: Sonoran Local Agave Spirits

February 11 at 6 PM MST

Jesús Garcia, Education Specialist, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

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Some of the most important agave landscapes in the Southwest are in Tucson's backyard. Tumamoc Hill has a 1,500 year old Hohokam agave field at its base. This is a site where people modified the landscape in subtle yet transformational ways to capture the rain and transform it into a field of thousands of plants, cared for by generations for hundreds of years. We will also learn how Sonora has an agave culture all its own that stretches from desert flats to the deep canyons of the Sierra Madre. Bacanora is just the beginning, the diversity of species and distillate styles is as multiplicitous as the regions mountains. Agave culture is all around us, join us to see what we mean.


6 p.m. Feb. 10, 2021 to 7:30 p.m. Feb. 11, 2021