RESTRUCT Built Environment Research Symposium Pt. 2

Travel/Hotel and Transportation Research in a SARS COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic provides the latest evidence the built environment is deeply embedded in almost every challenge we face related to our health, economy, culture, resources, and environment. As the pandemic raises questions related to how we can live and conduct business while remaining safe from contagion, research in the built environment – from land use zoning to the interior space design of office buildings and homes – is critical in our search for solutions. While this crisis exacerbates the need for additional enquiry, seeking more adaptive and resilient approaches to the built environment through improved access to data, enhanced modeling, and removal of barriers to critical information will ultimately lead to improved decision making as we address knowledge gaps related to processes, performance, and consequences of constructing the world around us. 

This symposium, RESTRUCT Mid-Pandemic Adaptation, will examine how research in the built environment has already evolved to address COVID-19 challenges as well as economic and societal responses to the pandemic and how it must address new challenges moving forward. The goal of this symposium is to continue to build trans-disciplinary built environment research by igniting ideas and developing partnerships.


8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Sept. 22, 2020