Undergrad research lab position (due ASAP)

Type of Opportunity:
Research Opportunities
Location: On Campus
Deadline: Tuesday, July 20, 2021

A post-doctoral graduate student in Dr. Stock’s multidisciplinary lab is looking to hire one undergraduate student for the summer and fall. Please see details below:

The goal of our study is to assess the patterns of soil nematode communities along the elevation gradient and determine the environmental factors that may play a key role on their distribution in the Santa Catalina mountains. For this project, soil samples will be collected at four elevational points covering different vegetation types on the south slope of the Santa Catalina mountains. From each sample, nematodes will be collected and DNA will be extracted and submit to the sequencing facility. Additionally, soil moisture, pH, and other soil properties will be measured. The undergraduate student will have the opportunity to gain experience in soil sampling, nematode extraction, DNA extraction, PCR, and measuring soil physo-chemical properties.

If you are interested in the position please contact Dr. Satyendra Pothula, spothula@arizona.edu.


Dr. Satyendra Pothula