Sky School Instructor (rolling applications through July 15th)

Type of Opportunity:
Location: Off Campus
Deadline: Thursday, July 15, 2021

For the 2021-22 academic year, UA Sky School will be offering several opportunities for instructor positions. The fellowships connect graduate students with K-12 students as research mentors and educators during residential or daytime educational programs. The fellowship is a unique opportunity to gain experience with science education and communication. Sky School staff will provide training for effective mentoring of students. Instructors will mentor groups of K-12 students on 1-4 day programs throughout the year at our Mt Lemmon campus and other field sites in the Santa Catalina Mountains and/or at local schoolyards in Tucson. We also offer an intensive yearlong mentoring experience in the Tucson area through a Research Apprenticeship program serving refugee youth and youth experiencing homelessness. Programs include instruction on general themes relevant to sciences in the sky island region—ecology, geology, hydrology, environmental sciences, dendrochronology, soil science, astronomy, and cultural history—as well as opportunities for students to conduct inquiry projects on topics of their choice. Sky School leadership will provide feedback to instructors on improving their facilitation and teaching skills. See below flyer for more information!

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