Oregon Rangeland & Habitat Technicians (due Feb. 18, 2022)

Type of Opportunity:
Location: Off Campus
Deadline: Friday, February 18, 2022

Assists a research scientist who is conducting vegetation ecology research in sagebrush steppe and riparian plant communities located in the northern Great Basin. Projects include determining interactions between livestock grazing and fire risk, investigating the effects of prescribed burning and mechanical sagebrush thinning on wildlife habitat, evaluating the impacts of invasive plant infestations on sage-grouse habitat, determining landscape scale vegetation patterns, investigating management and climate influence on vegetation characteristics and sage-grouse habitat, evaluating methods to contain and prevent invasive plant infestations, and investigating methods to shift succession to desired plant communities. Duties include vegetation and environmental data collection, processing vegetation and soil samples, establishment and maintenance of research plots, and data entry. Duties may also include assisting in some laboratory work. Travel and camping throughout eastern and southern Oregon, northern Nevada, and southwestern Idaho is required.

See below flyer for more information and application instructions!

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