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Co-Director, Institute of the Environment

Regents Professor of Geography and Development, University of Arizona; also associated with the Center for Latin American Studies and the Arid Lands program at UA. Visiting Professor of Environmental Policy and Development, School of Geography and Environment, and Senior Research Fellow, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University

Office Location

University of Arizona, 549D Marshall Building (on Park between University and 1st). Address: Diana Liverman, Institute of the Environment, The University of Arizona
PO Box 210158b, Tucson, Arizona 85721University of Arizona, AZ 85721

About Me...

I am the co-director of the University of Arizona Institute of the Environment with Jonathan Overpeck. The Institute promotes interdisciplinary research, teaching and outreach on the environment across the University of Arizona. My tenure and disciplinary home is in the School of Geography and Development where I contribute to the human-environment/political ecology/governance cluster and help to coordinate the BA in Environmental Studies. I maintain an affiliation with Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute. I am the founder of the Carson Fellows program at the University of Arizona which trains students to better communicate their research.

My expertise and research interests focus on the human dimensions of environmental change, connecting earth and social sciences to understand challenges of drought and climate change, climate policy, climate change communication, food security, land use, and international environmental governance. 

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